Innovative Product Award

  • Hikvision Omni-directional narrow roadway forklift robot...

    Hikvision's Omni-directional narrow-lane forklift robot MR-F3L-SS110A adopts independent innovation (patented) multi-group drive system,to replace the traditional forklift steering wheel drive structure and realize forklift driving in any direction.

  • Zebra Technology MC3300 and ZR300 Solutions

    Zebra's MC3300 mobile computer can capture data up to 60 feet away, and the product is compatible with the MC3200, allowing customers to easily transition to a more suitable Android operating system.

  • Forward unmanned forklift VNR16-01

    The first domestic visual navigation and positioning technology is used for unmanned modification of industrial vehicles. Through the fork arm sensing function, it can adaptively adjust the position of the car body slightly to realize the 9.4m stacking application of domestic unmanned forklifts.

  • Smart Transport Prism System V2.0

    CMST(CHINA MATERIALS STORAGE AND TRANSPORTATION GROUP)introduced the “bidding model” on the basis of the car-free carrier platform model. Let the shipper publish the source information on the China Storage Intelligence platform, and the platform pushes the information to the qualified carrier through intelligent matching.

  • Neolithic - Neolix X9

    Neolix X9 is a smart terminal with intelligent three-proof mobile phone, PDA scanner and volume measuring instrument. It is equipped with Qualcomm eight-core speed processor and equipped with professional high-speed scanning head and ToF depth camera.

  • Roller type parking AGV Ark GETA- ARK1

    "Ark" is the laser navigation roller type parking AGV, a third generation parking robot that combines the features of comb-type AGV and plate-type AGV. No need for intermediate media such as combs and carriages

  • Tie CW-1210 new material tray

    The CW-1210 new material pallet developed by Tie's has passed the test of national testing institutions, and its comprehensive performance is better than ordinary plastic pallets by 30%. New material trays are high in strength

  • Mobile data terminal Memor 10

    The new MemorTM 10 PDA features Datalogic's first wireless charging technology for high-reliability, contactless charging while ensuring optimal operational advantages

  • Dynamic DWS dynamic volume measurement, weighing and…

    BIZERBA's newly developed Dynamic DWS integrates volume measurement, weighing and scanning into one, giving a higher standard definition of performance and cost efficiency. Combined volume and actual weight

  • ZhenRobotics Xiaohuangma MINI

    The real machine Xiaohuangma focuses on the last mile delivery, adopts six-wheel drive suspension chassis technology, has outdoor all-terrain adaptability, six-wheel independent suspension damping, 360-degree in-situ steering

  • MV-DWS600 Huarui six-sided reading system

    The Huarui six-face reading system consists of a self-developed smart camera, a self-developed line sweep module, Huarui six-face reading software and an SDK. Compared with the original manual scan code, the single-sided scanning code system has inherent advantages.

  • Full forward stacking AGV JQD10

    The all-forward stacking AGV JQD10 has the ability to move in a fully free 360-degree direction, allowing the vehicle to steer in narrow lanes and increasing the spatial density of the shelves.

  • 3D Vision Smart Demolition Solution

    Cargo robot picking is an important part of unmanned warehouse construction, in which 3D vision is the core part of picking applications, and FANUC's 3D visual intelligence demolition solution is successful.

  • Modular Conveyor Platform (MCP)

    The Modular Conveyor Platform (MCP) combines flexibility and modularity to augment or retrofit the system without requiring major adjustments to the structure. Energy-efficient 24V conveyor technology zero pressure accumulation

Person of the Year Award

  • Tang Yizhi

    He is one of the pioneers of domestic e-commerce logistics. In 2018, Tang Yizhi led the team to build a direct express delivery system, design core processes and systems, and promote logistics automation with independent intellectual property rights.

  • Hua Juliang

    He is dedicated to the research of machine vision and cutting-edge logistics technology. The papers on machine vision applications for logistics in 2015-2018 were included in SCI, EI and international conferences.

  • Yue Hua

    He is mainly responsible for the planning and design of the integration of Kunming's logistics information system. Under his leadership, Kunming's logistics and warehousing WMS system technology, from the PC-side application software level of cloud expansion and market expansion scope

Best Enterprise of the Year

  • Shanghai Jingxing Storage Equipment Engineering Co., Ltd.

    In 2018, Jingxing ushered in a new peak in order history, with an operating income of nearly 1.5 billion, a growth rate of over 33%, and opened up overseas markets.

  • Beijing Jingkelun Refrigeration Equipment Co., Ltd.

    As a national high-tech enterprise, Jingkelun has developed and built a large-scale storage automation cold storage project for long-term preservation and preservation of agricultural products such as fruits and vegetables in 2018.

  • Beijing Wuqiang Technology Co., Ltd.

    Wu Qiang Technology achieved remarkable results in 2018. The company's sales performance has increased by about 40% compared with the previous year, which is also the company's four consecutive years of sales growth

  • Shenzhen CIMC Tianda Airport Equipment Co., Ltd.

    Shenzhen CIMC Tianda Airport Equipment Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “CIMC Tianda”) is an airport ground equipment (boarding bridge) under China International Marine Containers (Group) Co., Ltd.

  • Nanjing Fuyou Online E-Commerce Co., Ltd.

    Fuyou Truck is a technology logistics company specializing in intercity vehicle transportation. With the mission of “installing a technology engine for China's road transportation”, the company will help science and technology to promote the high-quality development of China's road transportation.

Innovative Application Award

  • New Logistics Center of Sinopharm Group Shanxi Co., Ltd.

    The new logistics center project of Pharmaceutical Group Shanxi Co., Ltd. is located in Taiyuan Stainless Steel Industrial Park, Shanxi Province, with a total area of ​​100 mu.

  • Intelligent Logistics Project of Guangzhou Power Equipment Digital Production Base

    The intelligent logistics project of Guangzhou Power Equipment Digital Production Base was designed and built by Hangzhou Jiazhi Technology Co., Ltd.

  • Construction Project of Electrical Intelligent Logistics System in the Age of Zhongchao

    Today, the project of electric intelligent logistics system in the era of Zhongchao, which is built internationally, innovatively uses Miniload stereoscopic warehousing system and VNA.

  • Xun Ant Hangzhou Future Science and Technology Robotic Capacity Network Project

    The Xun Ant Hangzhou Future Science and Technology Robotic Capacity Network Project builds a robotic distribution network covering the whole city to meet the real-time distribution needs of small and medium-sized items with the highest efficiency.

  • SF Wuhan Heavy Goods Sorting Field - Omni-directional scanning application

    The six-sided scanning system is a new, high-economic omnidirectional scanning solution co-incubated by SF Technology and Haikang Robot. In response to the characteristics of logistics goods, SF Technology has deepened the needs of the industry.

  • China Resources Sanjiu Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

    Run Sanjiu is a large state-owned pharmaceutical listed company with a large number of sales orders every day, in order to query the order status and track logistics information.

  • Wuqing Xinyi Cat Super Warehouse Project

    The Wuqing Xinyi Cat Super Warehouse project is a benchmark for warehouse scenes created by Desire Technology and Xinyi Technology and Feiku Technology Co., Ltd. Designed to solve many categories in the warehousing scene

  • Yunmai Internet SaaS Cloud Platform

    With B2B interconnection as the core, the company has set up a business-wide process management platform.

  • Suning “Wolong No.1”-Innovative Application of Unmanned Platform

    “Wolong No.1” solves the distribution needs of the community scene, and can realize 24-hour delivery in bad weather and night, truly providing all-weather service.

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