LT Award of Innovative Product

  • TC8000 Mobile Intelligent Terminal

    TC8000 Mobile Intelligent Terminal is an Android-based mobile intelligent terminal made by Zebra Technologies based on its in-depth researches and analysis of human factors by rethinking, redesigning and remaking industrial mobile intelligent data terminals.

  • Manual Sorting Workstation

    Independently developed by Beijing Materials Handling Research Institute, the manual sorting workstation is composed of two layers, one upper layer and one lower layer. Two source containers can be placed on the upper and four order containers can be placed on the lower. Both source containers and order containers can be automatically transported to a sorting workstation.

  • The 2nd Generation High Speed & High Flow Multilayer RGV System

    Dematic’s 2nd generation high speed & high flow multilayer RGV system is the latest innovative product researched and developed by the company. 7,000 pieces have been sold worldwide so far.

  • Intelligent High-speed Slider Sorting System

    Independently researched and developed by Shanghai Ho Jin Logistic & Machinery Co., Ltd, the new type high-speed slider sorting system has solved the issues such as space, production efficiency, ergonomic, error rate and labor costs, which solves a large number of labor costs for numerous enterprises.

  • GSK Industrial Robot – RB08 Series

    Independently researched and developed by Swisslog, Automated Item Pick robot sorting system is used for the repetitive operation of disassembly and sorting. The system uses KUKA high sensitivity light touch robot LBR iiwa.

  • HDWMS Logistics Solution for Fresh Foods

    The HDWMS Logistics Solution for Fresh Foods, made by Heading, combines the business of fresh foods of traditional retail enterprises and puts forward an innovative management model, and it is a mature solution for the specific demands of fresh foods.

  • Intelligent Warehousing Robot

    Launched by Hangzhou Hikrobot Technology Co., Ltd, “HIKVISION Robot System” is composed of three core modules, namely warehousing robot, robot controlling system (RCS) and intelligent Warehousing Management System (iWMS).

  • Geek Picking System

    The Geek Picking System breaks the traditional “seeking” mode and realizes the picking of “automatic delivery” through robots, which effectively enhances picking efficiency and improves the labor intensity of workers.

  • Ultra-long Orbit Maneuver Annular Shuttle System

    Independently researched and developed by Jiangsu Gaoke Logistics Science & Technology Co., Ltd, the ultra-long orbit maneuver annular shuttle system is composed of multiple shuttles, high-strength aluminum alloy track, electrical control system and software system.

  • Gantry Robot

    Independently researched and developed by Gen-song Technology, the gantry robot breaks the conventional light duty applications, which greatly broadens applicable markets; the product uses triaxial vertical DOF movement, which greatly increases the movement area of the mechanical arm.

  • Warehouse Management System (WMS) Solution

    Warehouse Management System (WMS) Solution developed by Hubei Jointown Technology Co., Ltd based on the J2EE-based cloud platform, integrates modern logistics supply chain management ideas, and it can operate as per the business rules and algorithms of relevant operations.

  • Flashhold Robot

    Shanghai Flashhold Science & Technology Co., Ltd has launched its “robot intelligent order sorting system solution” integrating robot integration, intelligent system and application scenarios.

  • ATIS 4.0 System

    Made by KSEC, the ATIS 4.0 System is an integrated solution with proprietary intellectual property right in the field of Automatic Guided Vehicle (AGV). It combines hardware technology, software technology and navigational positioning technology in an effective manner, which fully covers AGV system.

  • Linde Transfer Robot

    Linde Robotics has realized synchronous positioning and mapping technology by using a leading natural navigation system in the industry, which truly realizes the automatic positioning and navigation of robots.

  • Intelligent Carbel Sorting System

    Independently developed by Qingdao Kengic Automation Equipment Co., Ltd, the intelligent Carbel Sorting System has the advantages such as extensive adaptability of sorted goods (soft bags can be sorted), high sorting efficiency, low sorting cost per piece, high sorting accuracy and low noise.

  • Automated Item Pick Robot Sorting System

    Independently researched and developed by Swisslog, Automated Item Pick robot sorting system is used for the repetitive operation of disassembly and sorting. The system uses KUKA high sensitivity light touch robot LBR iiwa.

  • Cellular E-commerce 4.0 System

    By adopting the thought “numerous ants can carry heavy things”, Blue Sword has creatively researched and developed “Cellular E-commerce 4.0 System”, a distributed automatic logistics system that is applicable to E-commerce warehouse logistics and realize integrated storage and distribution.

  • Portable Electric Crane

    Developed by Suzhou Mike Nix Trade Co., Ltd, the portable electric crane is an all-purpose materials handling solution, which can make any single operator can lift and load any article as heavy as 140kg in a safe manner.

  • Auto 4D Shuttle

    As the latest product of Vstrong, the Auto 4D Shuttle is composed of intensive shelf, four-direction sorting vehicle, sorting station, relevant delivery system and information system.

  • Yiside Zipper Carton

    The birth of Yiside zipper carton derives from “the anger for traditional express cartons”. Without adhesive tape or using any took, box unpacking is so easy by tearing it lightly.

  • Enterprise-class Mobile Smart Payment Terminal i9000A

    As a product developed by Urovo, the mobile smart payment terminal i9000A is especially designed for the distribution of E-commerce, logistics and express delivery and it helps cash on delivery (COD). It can meet all existing mainstream modes of payment.

  • Damon DASUN Rapid Storage System

    Damon “Rapid Storage” System is a modular material box-type automatic solid warehouse system, which is applicable to the processes such as internal logistics of manufacturing industry or material box stacking temporary storage and sorting in E-commerce logistics centers.

  • Logistics Reading Weighing System

    Independently researched and developed by Zhejiang HuaRay Technology Co., Ltd, the logistic reading weighing system is a product that can identify material volume, weight, bar code and image processing in static and dynamic conditions.

  • Automated Intelligent Warehousing System for Production of Hazardous Articles and Electronic Products

    As a product researched and developed by Wuxi Zhongding Integrated Technology Co., Ltd, the automated intelligent warehousing system for the production of hazardous articles and electronic products adopts shelf automation temperature and smoke detection monitoring and alarming technology and stocker automatic fire extinguishing system.

Award of Person of the Year

  • Yin Junqi

    He is one of the first group of experts who engage in logistics equipment technical research and system integration in China. For 30 years, he has participated in more than 200 large-scale logistics system design and integration, published more than 60 scientific papers and co-published two books.

  • Zhou Zhigang

    Founder and General Manager of Beijing Prolog S & T Co., Ltd. As a doctor of engineering, he has 16 years of supply chain and logistics management experience, and he is one of the first logistics industry model workers in China.

  • Shi Zunli

    Flux, led by Mr. Shi Zunli, is a leading enterprise of logistics software field and the No.1 brand of WMS in China. The per capita output of Flux is about 300% of that of its peers due to its strategy of excellent products.

  • Wu Shuang

    Currently, he works for Beijing Research Institute of Automation for Machinery Industry. He has been focusing on the development of warehouse logistics control systems for years. He has successively participated in the R & D of more than 100 projects and completed the establishment of various standards.

  • Chen Menghuai

    Ms. Chen Menghuai used to study the Alfred P. Sloan School of Management of MIT, the Industrial Engineering School of the University of Wisconsin-Madison and Oregon University. She has master degrees of three majors, namely operational research, business administration and applied mathematics.

Award of Best Enterprise of the Year

  • Wuxi Zhongding Integrated Technology Co., Ltd.

    It is one of the first logistics equipment enterprises in China. After 30 years of development, it has obtained 10 patents for invention, 40 patents for utility models, 0 appearance patent and 10 software copyrights.

  • Nanjing Inform Storage Device Co., Ltd.

    It is the first enterprise in storage rack field listed in the A-share Market of China. The multilayer RGV sorting system and primary and secondary vehicle system, researched and developed by the company, have been put into operation to establish the first primary and secondary vehicle automatic solid warehouse in China.

  • Global Links Logistics S & T Co., Ltd.

    As a logistics data service provider, it got a financing of USD 45 million in 2016. It can effectively help various enterprises lower their operating costs by analyzing the data such as the journeys of transport vehicles and driving behaviors of drivers.

  • Shanghai Flux Information Technology Co., Ltd.

    It is rated as “No.1 brand of WMS in China”. Its clients are in China, Asia-Pacific, USA, Australia and Africa. Its software products have been applied to more than 800 logistics centers.

  • Shanghai Heading Information Engineering Co., Ltd.

    For more than 20 years since its establishment, it has obtained strong competitive power in chain retail, commercial real estate and warehouse logistics with its systematic products and solutions with proprietary intellectual property rights.

  • Shenzhen Urovo S & T Co., Ltd.

    Established in January 2006, it is a national-level high-tech enterprise that specializes in the development of mobile software and hardware, and it keeps a leading position in the logistics and express industry of China.

Lifetime Achievement Award

  • Dai Dingyi

    The winner of the award is Mr. Dai Dingyi, Vice Director of the Committee of Experts of China Federation of Logistics & Purchasing and Executive Vice Chairman of China Society of Logistics.

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