• LT-An Innovative Accelerator of Logistics Technology

    Established in 2011, LT is a non-profit organization founded by Soo56 who is committed to establishing a crossover innovative platform of logistics technology with worldwide influences, exploring and delivering cutting-edge logistics technology and ideas and promoting the technical progress and global presence of Chinese logistics industry. The annual LT ceremony is not only an important event of manifesting achievements in Chinese logistics technology field, but also a highlight attracting the participation and focus of worldwide enterprises in logistics technology field.

LTAward has been an important symbol of recognition – Understand award benefits

You will acquire extensive media and industry resources as well as the focus and attention from numerous media and customers since the moment you get any LT Award. The red LT logo will always be a striking focus and a symbol of quality certification in brand publicity, product promotion or marketing campaigns.

Brief Introduction of LT Summit

LT Summit refers to Logistics Technology Summit. China Logistics Technology Summit is the most influential grand meeting of Chinese logistics technology field, including a series of theme activities such as G20 Leader Summit, Leader Forum, Awarding Ceremony, and Night of LT; the summit will gather the thinkers, innovators and practitioners in logistics technology field at home and abroad to discuss the development and changes of logistics and supply chain technology and promote logistics technical innovations and the establishment of new logistics ecology.

LT CLUB– An Innovative Practice Platform of Establishing Trust, Mutual Benefits and Win-win Results

LT Club is a top invitation-only club of logistics technology field, a platform jointly sponsored by the industry entrepreneur for high-end social contacts, business cooperation and value sharing, a network of entrepreneur members upon invitations and membership as well as a platform for gathering the business elites and opinion leaders of the industry, delivering prospective and innovative ideas and creating global cooperation.


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